CSR and Sustainability Advisory


CRB develops and delivers quality learning and skill development solutions on CSR, sustainable development, value chains, ethical trade and compliances with direct and measurable impact on organization’s key performance indicators. CRB’s distinctive training methods and customized capacity building approaches enable organizations to easily adopt CSR, sustainable development, value chains, ethical trade, human rights, and standards and compliance practices.

CRB has worked with several companies/brands, over 100 factories and 1000 middle management representatives; reaching out to more than 200,000 workers to test models and approaches of capacity building and has observed very encouraging results in following areas:

  • Social and Environmental Performance
  • Data Collection
  • Analysis
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Ownership
  • Management
  • Supervision
  • Worker Trainings
  • Factory Training
  • Development Systems
  • Induction Approaches For Workers


CRB is a catalyst for organizational behavior change and works closely with organizations to transform their business practices. CRB’s advisory service to clients on sustainable development, CSR, value and supply chains and sustainability standards promotes sound human rights, social and environmental practices, ethical trade, compliance and standards. This in turn supports sustainable supply chain and healthy community engagement of prospective clients.

CRB’s implementation and advisory capabilities draw on the strength of its core team of specialists and its extended network of experts spanning various regions and specializing in crosscutting domains. CRB has established a network of experts globally to inform, design and implement various initiatives. These experts come from various disciplines and together comprise a robust development and implementation team and infrastructure.

Services in Sustainability Advisory

  • Co-creation of Sustainability Strategy
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Advisory across sectors

 Services in CSR Advisory             

  • Evaluation, Communication and Course Correction Strategy
  • Standardization of CSR with SDGs and INDCs
  • CSR Impact Assessment