Action and Policy Research

Centre for Responsible Business (CRB) is a highly reputed research and consulting organization. CRB partners its clients across the entire life-cycle through a unique mix of innovation and analytical thinking to design customized research solutions enabling change for impact.

CRB’s research solutions are designed based on a strong network of accomplished national and international sustainability practitioners and initiatives that help clients make impactful decisions. By leveraging on its expertise on sustainable business practices in India, and to ensure better alignment with voluntary sustainability standards that are being promoted and implemented across industry sectors, CRB helps clients in crafting constructive and sustainable strategies.

This ability to blend sustainable innovation and analytical thinking to design custom solutions for its national and international clients has led to strong and rewarding relationships for CRB.

CRB in association with ISEAL Alliance carried out studies for five sustainability standards viz.

1) Responsible Finance

2) Responsible Jewellery Council

3) Fair trade Coffee

4) Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

5) Forest Stewardship Council cases to understand the effectiveness of these standards on the adopter business/public corporations

CRB is working in the sandstone mining industry in Rajasthan to investigate the extent and challenges of child labor. The project included extensive primary and secondary research to ascertain the reasons for child labor, various associated related issues and suitable programs that can be taken to mitigate it. This study has been conducted in partnership with UNICEF

CRB also partnered with UNICEF to organize a Round-table consultation in January 2015, which saw participation from over 70 delegates from industries, standards and developmental organizations to discuss promoting child rights in Business supply chains.