Corporate Sustainability Engagement

Mahindra Sanyo Special Steels Private Limited (MSSSL) is part of $16.5 billion Mahindra group involved in the production of steel products in the domain of automotive, engineering, tool and die, ball bearing, oil, gas & mining, defence and railways to name a few. MSSSL approached CRB to provide a customized framework on sustainability which will help the organization to internalize sustainability across all levels of the employees through capacity building and involvement at various levels. As part of this engagement CRB will help MSSSL to come up with a comprehensive sustainability policy based on an overarching sustainability framework. This engagement will also help the organization to achieve key milestones in its journey of sustainability involving both internal and external stakeholders. The other key requirement being to position MSSSL across the sector as a guiding corporate towards developing the community around MSSSL vicinity by bringing together other Corporate around that locality towards “Swachha Khapoli Abhiyan”. This would result in MSSSL becoming a champion of sustainability in that region by extending sustainability beyond the boundaries of MSSSL.

Other Services in the Market

The sustainability services offered in the market usually involves adoption global standards like GRI and the like, which is not tailor made to the needs of the organization’s sustainability risk, but rather an attempt to straitjacket the requirements of the GRI standard with that of the organization. The full scope and extent of the sustainability is not adequately captured with such attempts and sustainability becomes mere buzzword without creating little or no value addition to the Company/Corporate

CRB’s Value Differentiator

CRB comes to the market with a reputation of ingraining the sustainability within the organization and not by implementing it by trying to be compliant with a set standard or guideline. CRB develops sustainability framework which maps the sustainability risks associated with the business’ operations by helping the organization with policies from sustainability point of view. Further it helps the organization to implement sustainable solutions to the scope/extent of risks identified. It plays the role of mentor and guide to the company and eventually makes it part of the organization’s culture.